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2020-09-29 Tue
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-branch,Lu’an branch, Industrial and
Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
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  About Lu’an
The City of Lu'an, nicknamed "Wanxi (West Anhui)", is located at the northern foot of Dabie Mountain. It is now the central city of the Dabie Mountain area. At present, there're two districts, five counties and two provincial development zones under its jurisdiction. They're Jin'an District, Yu'an District, Shouxian County, Huoqiu County, Jinzhai County, Huoshan County, Shucheng County, Lu'an Economic and technological development zone and reform pilot development zone. The city consists of altogether 188 townships and 8 neighborhood committees with a total area of 17,976 square km and a total population of 6,649,000. There're 29 nationals in Lu'an with Han as the majority. The minority ethnic nationals accounting for 0.7%, among which Hui is the largest minority ethnic national. In 2003, the GDP reached 20.81 billion yuan, of which the First Industry account for 6.54 billion yuan, the Second Industry 7.21 billion yuan and the Third Industry 7.06 billion yuan. Total revenue is 1.45 billion yuan. The human activities in Lu'an can be dated back to the Neolithic Age. During the Ancient Period this area was inhabited by Yan families of Gaoyao tribe. After Gaoyao died, he was buried in a place called "Lu". king Yu later on gave the land to Gaoyao's son to conduct sacrificial activities. So Lu'an is also called "Gaocheng -- the town of Gaoyao". In Western Zhou Dynasty here existed several small states like Ying, Lu, Liao and Shu. During the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, this place belonged to Chu State. In Qin Dynasty it belonged to Jiujiang Prefecture. In 121 BC, Emperor Hanwudi setup Lu'an Mu, which means peaceful place without rebels, hence th...
  Introduction of LCA
¡¡¡¡Lu¡¯an Charity Association (LCA),a legally registered not-for-profit and public well-being oriented social corporation, is consisted of those institutions and individuals who are engaged in,support and care for the public charity based on voluntary participation. ¡¡¡¡The purpose of LCA is: to abide by the Constitution, law, regulations and the government policies; to promote the humanitarian spirit and the Chinese traditional virtue of helping the poor and relieving the people in difficulty; to raise charitable funds by uniting the members of LCA and gaining support from the government and the whole society in order to carry out social relief to a larger extend, which will serve the people in difficulty and enhance the development of reform and stability of this city.
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